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Lift Advancement Center releases one of its premier course... Finding Your Place and Purpose

As humans we like two things: to impress and be impressive. That was one of the main problems the Corinthians faced in many areas including spiritual gifts. Along with everyone who has ever been born, you and I have been cast as supporting actors in Life. We were literally born to play our parts. We were not cast because of our great abilities. There were no casting calls, talent searches, or screen tests. No, we were given only a part to play in Life because the Author/Director/Actor wanted us to experience the eternal joy that comes from knowing him. That’s what Life is all about.

This Fundamental Course Includes

  • Thought Provoking Assignments

    A Discipleship Course that moves people from shallow Christianity to depth in Christ. The courses come with questions to keep tabs on your progress to achieve your goals on taking the course.

  • Guaranteed Spiritual Growth

    The sad truth is that sometimes we get stuck in seasons where we are not using our gifts or serving our church, not because we don’t want to, but because we just don’t know how to. We don’t know where we belong. You'll understand your spiritual role in being a light and blessing as a representative of Christ.

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    Use this course as a pass to discounts on further purchase of other courses we offer.

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